At Ladies Rock Camp I Learned…

I am confident and worthy of establishing positive relationships with other women.

That I can write and my voice is relevant.

Trying new things is not that hard and progress can happen so fast if you just go for it. I learned that being of service to others really allows beautiful moments to happen. I learned that my fears are really not that powerful. I learned that I can sing, play, write, draw any time and this weekend reminded me to express myself through my own creativity. Working with people can be satisfying, fun, unexpectedly uplifting.

How to let myself make mistakes.

That just because I’m in my thirties doesn’t mean the learning stops.

I am my hardest critic and that I’m actually pretty good at guitar.

My Favorite Moment Was…

The moment our band looked at each other and realized we had our song!

The overall love and safe vibe.

The instructors were so enthusiastic and their positive energy rubbed off on everyone.

Every frikkin moment!

I’d Also Like to Say…

Thanks for making this a place to get away and focus on me. It’s been an amazing weekend. I couldn’t have asked for more.

It was a gift to be lead through so many new experiences – just given the space, the safe space, to explore something and find a group of awesome musicians has your back and can guide you through it…it was one of the best weekends of my life.